Sustainable, ethical, and inclusive stewardship of the solar ecosystem.

A central project to develop a citizen-authored blueprint for conscious space migration and stewardship of the solar ecosystem.

What if everyday citizens had the opportunity to co-create a blueprint for how we migrate off the planet? What if we could help ensure that we do it more wisely than humans have migrated around the Earth?

To create such a blueprint, we would have to know a lot about our current relationship with the Earth. That understanding would serve as the foundation for a more intentional design.


As we worked on that central project together, we might learn a lot about how to cultivate a more harmonious relationship with our natural environment, and maybe even each other.

Maybe the process of working together to design an ethical, inclusive, and sustainable future in space is part of our journey in truly coming into harmony with this phenomenal planet we call home. Our journey off the planet isn’t about escaping or abandoning Earth.

Going out there is part of how we heal what’s right here. Our journey off the planet isn't about escaping or abandoning Earth. It's about truly knowing it for the first time and becoming stewards of our solar ecosystem.

Join us in co-authoring the Conscious Space Migration Blueprint.

This time, we get to design the future we want.

We invite you to help support the Human Space Program Mission.


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