Existing blueprints have been created by a small, ruling minority. We need a blueprint that represents the motivation and priorities of the citizens of Earth, valuing our uniqueness and prioritizing unity and stewardship.

Why is this relevant and better?

  1. Decentralized authorship of the blueprint.
  2. Motivated by sustainability, ethics, and inclusivity.
  3. Allows for ongoing evolution as a living blueprint.

This blueprint is uniquely valuable because of its inclusive design, altruistic objectives, and ability to evolve more naturally alongside the humans it is meant to inspire.

The Citizen-Authored Blueprint

The blueprint will be developed by 16 task forces that will address specific subjects. The task forces will be led by experts in each area and will include voices that have not yet been heard in discussions of the space enterprise, such as young people, non-spacefaring nations, and indigenous people.

The blueprint will be available for comment, modification, acceptance, and use by the public, government agencies, research and advocacy organizations, universities, and leading individuals affiliated with space, as well as other organizations taking part in this great enterprise.


This is YOUR blueprint.

Our process is community-driven, iterative, and inclusive.

Now, everyone gets a vote in how we migrate and explore.

This time, we get to use our voices to create the future we want.

Convene task forces

The blueprint will be developed by 16 task forces, powered by a global, decentralized network of co-authors.

Develop hypothesis

Information is gathered in our public Repository of Knowledge (RoK) and used to form hypotheses that will be used for simulations.

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