The Human Space Program represents a group of individuals who have always been champions of diversity, unity, and inclusion. It’s central to who we are.

To carry forward that commitment, we have developed systems for accountability and guidance to ensure the integrity of our internal culture and outside influence through our work.

The Inclusion Council

Working together to foster a culture that celebrates our uniqueness and prioritizes our unity and vitality.

Meet our Inclusion Council Members


The purpose of the council is to leverage their diverse perspectives, wisdom, and guidance to shape the culture and decision-making processes of this organization.

It’s a central component of our commitment to ensuring that our future beyond Earth celebrates our uniqueness and prioritizes our unity, where everyone feels that they belong.

We are committed to holding ourselves accountable in our own behavior and to promoting inclusivity through all of our efforts as an organization, not just for our future, but for today.

“Once I got into space, I was feeling very comfortable in the universe. I felt like I had a right to be anywhere in this universe, that I belonged here as much as any speck of stardust, any comet, any planet.”

Former NASA Astronaut, Mae Jemison

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